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Topsoil Blends

Garden Soil

Garden Compost

Ground Control Garden Compost is a 100% organic, greenwaste based compost approved for all types of gardening. Not all compost is equal. Ground Control Garden Compost is produced following stringent guidelines and quality control.

Tree and Shrub Planting Soil

Tree & Shrub Soil

Tree-n-Shrub Planting Soil is an all-organic soil blend designed for growing shrubs, trees and other plants that grow best in a fungal dominated environment. Blended with the proper compost, you can create the ideal Soil Foodweb for your acid loving plants.

Lawn Base Soil

Lawn Base Soil

Premium Turf Soil is a sandy based soil for growing grass lawns. Turf Soil can be used for laying sod or seeding. Just add water for a beautiful lawn!

Veggie Soil

Veggie Soil

Ground Controls basic soilless mix, designed for vegetable gardens. Produced following stringent guidelines and quality control. For gardeners that want to control their own fertilizer package.



A clean topsoil, screened with no clumps. Easy to grade.

Any materials can be applied by Blower.

We also specialize in Custom Blends!

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